Top Interesting Facts About Helsinki

Top Interesting Facts About Helsinki

There are few European cities that sound as forward-thinking as Helsinki. The Finns moved into the modern era, promoting architecture, food and sculpture. Home to many hard-working and traditional people and is one of the world’s most northern capitals. A place of economic power, Entertainment, and a place that has a warm heart even against the skin piercing northern winds of winter. I know it sounds mysterious now. Well, that’s whole point of naming this blog as “Top Interesting facts about Helsinki”. Because in a nutshell, Helsinki is indeed one of Europe’s best Kept secret.

Helsinki – The mighty capital of Finland has some interesting as well as “Strange” facts. And mostly these makes this city an interesting one.


Let’s just continue to dive more into Finland’s culture. With that in mind considering a lot of you guys want us to keep talking about culture and places with regard to Helsinki.

Before we get into further, we got to ask the question of the day. And that is where is your favourite place to travel or where has been your favourite place to travel? Let me know down there in the comments section below. Personally. I’ve always loved Helsinki. It’s just a really cool City. Anyways, we are looking at Helsinki and first of all, Helsinki is a very unique city because it is one of the coldest cities in the world.

Helsinki Topview

Climate – An unique Experience

As a matter of fact, it is considered one of the coldest capitals in the world as it bounces between Ottawa of Canada and Elon Betar of Mongolia. And on top of that it’s also considered one of the darkest capitals on the planet.

Now when I say dark, I don’t mean like people are going around the city being like I hate life – I’m so depressed—blah blah.. No what I mean is like it is actually physically one of the darkest places on the planet. First of all it’s yearly average temperature for 2017 equalled 6.6 Degrees and for 51 days of the year it received little to no sunlight.

Although it is cold, keep in mind in the summer Seasons it’ll get an average of 120 to 180 rainy days a year. Thunderstorms also happen quite frequently on top of that during the summer seasons. Talking about winter seasons, they have a yearly average snowfall of approximately 72 cms deep.

Population and Demography

Now let’s jump in to talk about the population and its density. And of course the land size of Helsinki because it’s pretty interesting first of all for a city quite north it actually has a pretty big population equalling 642045 people approximately.

However, if you included its metro population which is Helsinki and the surrounding area, they have approximately more than 1.4 million people in the region. Of course, this is stretched out over a land size of 214.21 Kms2. And for its population density, it’s roughly at three thousand people per kilometer square and that makes it, the most populated city in all of Finland.

Land of Islands

Now if we’re going to talk about the land size we should probably mention that Helsinki is a city just like Mumbai or even Copenhagen. It’s built on a bunch of different islands located in an archipelago. Helsinki has approximately 315 islands which definitely makes it a great place for people to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Now when it comes to these islands some of them have different forms of entertainment. For example the island of cork Astoria has the largest zoo in the country. And the island of Peleus Ori is an island that is good for nudists. That’s right. They have nudist colonies on that Island, it’s pretty revealing.

But overall about two-thirds of the city is pretty much considered the Baltic Sea and One-third of it is actual physical land. And with a combination of all the islands the shoreline equals roughly 123 kilometers long.

Now, of course, that means if there are so many Islands you have to get around these islands and because of that, there are so many boats in the city. As a matter of fact, there are approximately 11,000 places to park your boat. Just keep in mind throwing an anchor onto the pavement is not really a good idea. It’s not gonna work now.


Let’s dive into some history because Helsinki was originally founded in 1550 and most of the people of Finland will know that it was originally founded by the Swedes. Now the reason for this is because King Gustav Vasa, founded this city as a trade port to compete with Estonia’s capital Tallinn in order to own the trade of the Baltic Sea.

On a different note : Tallinn and Helsinki share a beautiful connection. Curious to know more?? May be a different Blog for that.

But, it was in 1812 that Helsinki finally became the capital of Finland. This happened when Alexander the first of Russia moved his capital from Turko to Helsinki.

Present Day – Now there lies the Surprise

Fast Forward to present, in today’s world it is one of the most booming cities. As a matter of fact, It is the only city in Finland that has trains and subways. With 25 stations stretched along in over 70-kilometer track with four subway lines, it is considered the most northern subway system and most northern metro system in the world.

Now if we detect with the winter in Helsinki and if you were to go there during those months you may notice that on walkways and Sidewalks, there is no snow at all. Now you may wonder to yourself.

Well is this due to the fact that people get out there and shovel?? Well actually no. It’s because, in Helsinki, it has a heated system for its sidewalks, which I find amazing because I haven’t seen any heated sidewalks like anywhere else in the world. I’m like man I really wish we could have these so then we don’t have to shovel at all. Pretty interesting information. Ain’t it??

Some Strange Facts

Now, here’s something that threw me off quite a bit because when I read about it. I was like I didn’t know that cities actually have animals and even plants as their city symbols. I knew countries did but I wasn’t really like hmm..Wait a minute!! a city does!!.. that’s kind of weird. However in Helsinki, it has a plant symbol of a maple tree, but however, I will have to give it to them because as for their animal it is a Squirrel. And maybe the people of Finland just love squirrels because they’re always gathering nuts for winter.

Maple leaf helsinki

And one of the common thought reasons why the squirrel is the image of the city is because the island Seurasari is actually known as Squirrel island where you will generally see the common red squirrel that lives within the region.

More Unique Facts About Population – Expect Some Twists

Now, okay!! We’ve talked a little bit about the history and some cool facts about Helsinki. But what about its population. Well we already know how many people live there. But my question is who are the people that are living within this city.

When it comes to its Demographics Helsinki has a more average woman than the entire country with a population equaling 53.4% woman. And of this whole population 81.9 percent of them are considered Finnish of descent, 5.9. Percent is Swedish and 12.2% of them speaking native languages.

And of course. It’s not just people that live in Helsinki as a matter of fact. They have a problem with a very familiar animal. And you would be surprised to know the answer. It’s Bunnies. That’s right Helsinki has an overpopulation issue of bunnies. And although they are shy you’ll see them running around the streets quite frequently and they’ve tried many different ways to get rid of these animals. They’re like, It’s pretty much useless. We are pretty much stuck with them because these things just mate all the time.

 However, It’s not just bunnies because Helsinki is located in an archipelago, it is home to many different species. For example it has over 1,000 species of plants and approximately a hundred and sixty-four species of birds.

Helsinki Night Time

Cleanest Water – You read it correct!!

Now pretty amazingly, Helsinki is known for one more thing. It has one of the most cleanest drinking water availability in the world. As a matter of fact, they boast of having the cleanest water of any capital in the world. For example in 2017, the inhabitants drank approximately 225 liters of water per person.

Now the reason their tap water is so good and pure is it actually comes from way up north, going through the “Päijännetunneli”. And this tunnel is considered the world’s second-longest water tunnel next to one in the United States. But for this particular Tunnel, it equals approximately a hundred and twenty kilometers in length and as I said all this water starts way up north, Coming from Lake “Paijanne”. Matter of fact, “Paijanne” is one of the largest lakes in all of Finland (Second largest).

And they say that the water is so clean and so pure that it doesn’t need any processing although they do process the water there. And because of the purity of this water, It is exported to many countries like Saudi Arabia and much more, and to finish it all off guys Helsinki is a huge financial center for the country.  

Helsinki – Backbone of Finnish GDP

As a matter of fact it brings in approximately one-third of Finland’s GDP and is home to 83 of the top 100 most successful businesses in Finland. And as for the gross value added per capita, which is the measurement of goods and services provided in an area, it is approximately 200 percent higher than 27 European capitals. You can pretty much compare it to places like Stockholm and Paris. So there you have it guys that is just a small look at Helsinki a fascinating city that is growing every minute and every day.

Europe’s best-kept secret

But this is Helsinki, a city that may be different from your very own City or maybe a place that is familiar to you. Though Helsinki is a vibrant and artistic city, it still has the charm of an ancient city and makes you feel safe. I would highly recommend staying in the beautiful capital of Finland for a few days to explore the sensation yourself. Since I left a part of my heart in Helsinki, and maybe you do as well.

Night View from Helsinki
Night View from Helsinki

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